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Township Committee


George B. Harper, Jr.


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Kamala M. Hull

Committeewoman/Deputy Mayor

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Ronald E. Green


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Public Meeting Conduct Policy

On Tuesday, May 13, 2013, the Township Committee adopted the Public Conduct Meeting Policy.   A copy of this policy also hangs in the meeting hall of the municipal building.

To view this policy, please click here.

Sandyston Township Committee

The Township Committee operates under a "Township" form of government, consisting of three members, elected at-large for staggered three-year terms. Elections are held annually.  The Mayor is appointed to a one-year term by the Committee Members at the Reorganization Meeting, which is held in January each year.  The Mayor, in addition to voting as a member of the Township Committee, presides over the meetings.

Social Media Policy

Please be sure to visit our Sandyston Township Facebook page for important news and information.

We provide this Social Media Policy for your review and information.


No National Park

You may be seeing “No National Park” signs around Sandyston Township directing you to a “No National Park” Facebook page, but what does this mean?

In 2014, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area released Vision 2030: A Vision for a Sustainable Future outlining their vision of the recreation area. At that time, the Township Committee passed a resolution entitled “R-19-2015 Opposing Specific Proposals of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area “Vision 2030”.   One of several proposals was the idea of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area being changed to a park/preserve.

Now, seven years, later that same idea is being pushed by the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Sierra Club’s seeking to change the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to the Delaware Valley National Park and Lenape Preserve. It is important to advise that at this time, there is no formal proposal, there is no information as to the economical, agricultural or environmental impact to Sandyston, the infrastructure, where the “Lenape Preserve’ would be located, size or how it will be managed, entry fees charged and how fees would be collected, and more unanswered questions. A change like this would require an Act of Congress and we are aware of no current legislative activity on this matter at the congressional level. But, it is very important that we stay informed on this issue.

Once again, the Township Committee has passed a resolution, on March 22, 2022, entitled “R-26-2022 Opposing the Proposal by the New Jersey and Pennsylvania Sierra Club to Change the Designation of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to the Delaware Valley National Park and Lenape Preserve Until a Formal Plan is Presented for Public Review and Comment”. We have sent this resolution to our legislators at every level, agencies, municipalities and more to make our voice heard.

Always remember you are welcome to contact the members of the Township Committee to discuss your concerns and ask questions or attend monthly Township meetings. As information becomes available, we will provide information on the Township website and Facebook page as it becomes available.

The “No National Park” Facebook page has been created by concerned citizens where news and information is made available on their efforts to provide as much information as they can to the public.  

Be sure to visit their website for information, documents, contact information and more to aid in your research to determine your opinion on this matter.

As always, it is a personal decision where you stand on the issue.

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Sandyston Township is a great town.

We have a lot of great organizations that are always looking for volunteers.

We are sure that there is an organization just waiting for someone like you to join and help.

Sandyston Township Recreation meets the fourth Monday of each month, or as advertised, at the Sandyston Township Municipal Building.  Please visit their website, or facebook page for news and information or send any comments/questions to

Sandyston Township Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for volunteers (firefighters/auxiliary members).  Please visit their page on our website, or facebook page for news and information.

Blue Ridge Rescue Squad is always looking for volunteers (EMS/EMT members/Drivers for ambulance).  Please visit their website or facebook page for news and information.  You may call 973-948-4828 for comments or questions.