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Animal Control

Animal Control Officer

Jonathan Hagen, ACO

Cell:  973-670-3299

Dog Licenses Required!

Dogs are required to be licensed in Sandyston Township at the age of 6 months and older.. The fee is $10 for spayed/neutered dogs and $13 for unaltered dogs.  To license your dog, please provide a rabies certificate with an expiration date of at least November 1 of the licensing year as well as proof of paying/neutering.  Dog license forms are available here.


To Report a Lost or Abandoned Dog

Contact Animal Control:

Jonathan Hagen, ACO

Please also contact the following:

Sandyston Township 973-948-3520 x200/201

New Jersey State Police 973-383-1514


What To Do When Your Pet Is Missing

When your beloved dog or cat strays from home, it can be traumatic experience for everyone. Here are some tips that we hope will help you find your pet.
Contact Sandyston Township Municipal Building 973-948-3520 with the following information: name, address, pet's name, description, license number and phone number and the phone number where you can be reached. We will in turn notify the Animal Control Officer and notify Sandyston Township's Dog Pound Facility.
Search the neighborhood and ask neighbors if they have seen your pet.
Advertise! Post notices at deli's, stores, veterinary offices, intersection, restaurants, government offices, etc. Include your pet's gender, age, weight, breed, color, name and any special markings. When describing your pet, leave out one identifying characteristic and ask the person who find s your pet to describe it.
Contact neighboring municipalities (Montague, Frankford, Branchville, Hampton, Stillwater, Stokes State Forest Office, National Park Service, NJ State Police) with the same information.
Call the local radio stations - many will advertise the lost pet for free.
File a lost pet report with every shelter within a 60 mile radius of your home.
A pet - even an idoor pet - has a better chance of being returned if they always wear a collar with a license number and/or ID tag with your name, address and telephone number.
Be wary of pet-recovery scams. When talking to a stranger who claims to have found your pet, ask him to describe the pet thoroughly before you offer any information. If he does not include the identifying characteristic you left out of the advertisements, he may not really have your pet! Be particularly wary of people who insist that you give or wire them money for the return of your pet.
If you find your pet, please be sure to notify everyone you called.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't give up on your search. Animals who have been lost for months have been reunited with their owners.

Animal Control Paper Applications & Forms


Thursday, November 7, 2024

5 pm to 7 pm

DPW Garage located on Maple Lane in Sandyston Township

  • All cats must be in carriers
  • All dogs must be on a leash


Wildlife Problems

Rabies Clinics Scheduled in Sussex County


Don't Feed Stray Animals!

Sandyston Township would like to remind our residents and visitors to the township not to feed stray cats or wild animals. The feeding of stray cats and wild animals could cause a public nuisance and health problems for you and your neighbors. If you feed, maintain, or keep a cat, you are considered the owner, thus are responsible for such cat. With that in mind, be responsible and have your pet spayed and neutered. Cats alone can produce several litters in one year.