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for information on how to protect our water supply with tips on litter, vehicle waste, recycling, etc.
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Rain washes pollutants into storm drains and directly into our lakes, rivers and the ocean.
So what can you do?
Mailing Address: 133 County Route 645, Sandyston, NJ 07826
973-948-0783 (fax)
The Friends of Stokes group meet on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month at 10am for a volunteer project and/or meeting at the Stony Lake Pavilion. Please feel free to join us! You may also contact the group via and get on their e-mail list for reminders of meetings and upcoming events.
Friends of Stokes - Upcoming Meetings
Scheduled Events for 2014
To Report a Lost or Abandoned Dog:

During Office Hours:
8:30 am - 2:00 pm
973-948-3520 x200/x205

After Hours:
Contact the State Police
Revaluation in Sandyston Township
On Tuesday, July 8, 2014, the Township Committee awarded
the contract for the revaluation to Appraisal Systems. Once the
contract has been signed, work will begin on the revaluation of
real property in Sandyston Township.

In past years, Sandyston has performed reassessments in-house. The last one was performed in 2005/2006. Sandyston Township tried to once again do an in-house reassessment, however, we were denied and ordered by the State of New Jersey to perform a revaluation.

Should you have any questions regarding the revaluation please contact Robert Pastor, Tax Assessor on Wednesdays at 973-948-3520 x203.
Coming Up in Sandyston Township
August 23, 2014 - Sandyston Township Volunteer Fire Department Tractor Parade
August 16, 2014 - Delaware Valley United Methodist Church Chicken Barbeque
November 27, 2014 - Sandyston Recreation is working on submitting an application to the County of Sussex for a " Hobble Gobble" 5K run! We will keep you posted!