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The Office of the Township Clerk, staffed by a Township Clerk and a Deputy Clerk, serves three broad functions: serves as secretary to the Township Committee, coordinates general, local and school board elections, issues a variety of local licenses. Acting as secretary to the governing body, the Office of Township Clerk maintains all records with regard to the township's local ordinances, resolution and public proceedings. This office prepares the minutes for all township committee meetings, processes, records and files ordinances and resolutions, and arranges for legal advertising of ordinances and official documents. The clerk also handles voter registration, accepts petitions for vacancies in local elected offices, furnishes materials for local school elections, selects polling areas and maintains custody of election results. The Clerk also serves as Sandyston's licensing and permitting official issuing the requisite documentation for the following: liquor licenses, marriage licenses, livery operations, solicitor activities, bingo and other raffles. As the steward of the township's records, the clerk's office is a major source of information for residents. As such, Open Public Record requests are processed through this office.
Facility Use
Amanda Lobban, RMC
Monday through Friday
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
We receive many requests to use Sandyston Township's meeting hall for events. Please be advised, at this time we do not rent the meeting hall for private parties. We do, however, allow organizations to use the meeting hall subject to approval by the Township Committee. The organization must provide a Certificate of Insurance that meets the minimum requirements of the building use request form.

Please contact the office of the Municipal Clerk for the Facility Use Request Form. Be advised, this form and insurance information requested must be provided to the Clerk at least seven days prior to the Township Committee meeting to be placed on the agenda for approval by the Township Committee.
Township Clerk
Do you have a concern you would like to voice to the Township Committee? You may be placed on the agenda for any Township Meeting. Please call the Municipal Clerk seven days prior to the scheduled meeting. You may also attend a Township Meeting and address the Township Committee during the public portion of the meeting.
Entering Into a Marriage or Civil Union in New Jersey   Acceptable Forms of Identification  
Marriage License Application  $28.00 check to Sandyston Township/Sign in Presence of Registrar 
Registering a Domestic Partnership in New Jersey   
Application for Certification or Certified Copy of Vital Record  Instructions for Certified Copy Form Certified Copies are $5.00 each Proof Required for Certified Copies
Application for Raffle License    $10.00 check to Sandyston Township with Application 
Sandyston Township "Information Regarding Raffle Licenses"  Is Your Organization Registered with LGCCC?   
Schedule of Fees for Raffle License  Legalized Game of Chance Website/Fees 
Report of Operations for Raffle License    Must be completed by the 15th day following Raffle 
OPRA Form for Sandyston Township    
Landlord Registration    
Alarm Registration Form     
Primary Petition for Municipal Office  Sussex County Clerk's Office - Elections  New Jersey Division of Elections
Primary Petition for County Committee     
Candidate Pronunciation Guide    
Voter Registration Form - Sussex County    
Vote By Mail Frequently Asked Questions  Vote By Mail Application  
Sandyston Township Ordinances - ONLINE   Proposed New Food Establishment Information
Food Handlers Application - FEE  Food Handlers Application - Exempt Temporary Food Handlers Application
2022 Dog Licence Application (new or renewal)    
Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm    
Soil Log Application     Reflective 911 Signs made by Blue Ridge Rescue Squad
Outdoor Entertainment Application Outdoor Entertainment Ordinance   
Application for Zoning Permit     
Miss Sandyston Application  Miss Sandyston Nomination Form  Little Miss & Mister Sandyston Form
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The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Sandyston Township perform marriages for residents of Sandyston Township only. Should you wish to have the Mayor or Deputy Mayor perform a marriage, please inform the Registrar or Deputy Registrar when filing for your Marriage Application.
Fire Safety Applications
Outdoor Open Flame Cooking
Mobile Food Truck Operations & Permit Application